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Moving House at Christmas - Hire Skilled Holiday Movers

moving house over christmas

Having to move house over christmas or during other festive season? Our jaw-dropping tips on relocating around the holiday time will ease your move. Christmas is a busy period for most, with all of the festivities, celebrations, food and family get-togethers. Moving house over Christmas isn’t usually on anyone's present list! However, moving at christmas is actually a popular time for home movers. Continue Reading

Student Movers London

student movers london

Going to University is an exciting experience, whether it’s your first year or your last year. London has 40 higher education institutions, it has a student population of more than 400,000. Students from all over the world are moving here. Some students are attracted to the prestigious Universities, others are attracted to the vibrant city. Elephant Removals has an outstanding service called student movers London, with over 15 years of experience - we have helped plenty of students take the stress out of moving to university and home again. Continue Reading

Creative Storage Ideas

Creative Storage Ideas

Whether you are joining the minimalist bandwagon and are trying to clear the clutter from your lives or you just want to be more organised in your home. We have some jaw-dropping creative storage ideas for small spaces that will help you get organised to project the neat look that you're seeking. Continue Reading

How to Prepare for an Office Move

How to Prepare for an Office Move

It can be overwhelming when you are preparing for any office moves in London, especially if you are not organised. There is a multitude of things to think about from taking an inventory, to managing your employees. It is important to get organised in good time, this will ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible. Continue Reading

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