Who to Notify When Moving House

Who to Notify When Moving House

Congratulations, you are moving home and it is the right time to spread the word! Don't panic how, because we've put together jaw-dropping tips on who to notify when you move to help you overcome not only this, but much more challenges.

Everything here on how to inform the relevant parties and establishments with direct links, thus creating a total stress-free environment. And most importantly, to deliver a step by step easy and a hassle-free relocation solution.

Who to Notify of Change of Address

There is lots to remember when you are moving property, and it is absolutely vital that you inform the relevant individuals and authorities of change of your address. Our jaw dropping tips on Who to notify of change of address is a compilation of important organisation you should notfiy when you are relocating.

This is to begin a new adventure of your life restarting from your new address. Here is what you need to do when you move.

Change of Address Who to Notify

Council Tax Office

Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA)

Driving License

Electoral Register and Building Society

Gas and Electricity suppliers

Inland Revenue

National Insurance Office

TV Licensing Authority

Vehicle Registration Certificate

Water company

Change of Address Checklist UK

Who to Notify When Moving House

Via our website, also discover pages on change of address full moving checklist, moving tips and packing tricks and much more, just under one roof as a complete ultimate moving guide solution.


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