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Downsizing House to Save Money

Downsizing House to Save Money

Downsizing Your Life

People choose to downsize for different reasons. For some people they downsize to save money, as it’s cheaper to run a smaller house. The bills would be less the smaller the house is. For others, it is easier to maintain a smaller house. Smaller houses take less time to clean and there is less space for clutter to accumulate. For some families, their children have moved on and they don’t need the extra bedrooms as their families have become smaller. The term empty nester comes to mind! However, it can be quite stressful moving into a smaller house as you won’t have the same space to keep your belongings.  Continue Reading

How to Move with Cats

how to move with cats

Moving House With Your Cat

Moving house can be stressful not only for us humans but also for animals too! Cats are creatures of habit, so moving house can be stressful for them. They have strong bonds with their environment as they are territorial species. It is important for you to plan ahead to make the transition of moving to a new home easier for your cat. Elephant Removals has over 15 years experience as a London Removals Company. We have moved just about everything you can imagine within London or across the UK, we have stories that could fill one of our removal vans. Continue Reading

How to Move House Without Stress

How to Move House without Stress

Can moving house ever be stress-free? If you have ever moved house before you know that there are so many things that you need to think about. In the end, many people give up being organised and start throwing their belongings in black bags! Being a London Removals company want to share how to move house without stress? Continue Reading

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