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Unpacking After A Move

unpacking after a move

You are in your new home, feeling happy that you can start afresh, but it’s not done as the unpacking after a move is still to be tackled. Your move went smoothly, you crossed things off the how to move house without stress checklist one by one when you were packing.

Now you are surrounded by mountains of boxes, what about the unpacking? What should you unpack first? We have compiled a list to help you unpack quickly after moving house. Continue Reading

Downsizing House to Save Money

Downsizing House to Save Money

Downsizing Your Life

People choose to downsize for different reasons. Some people downsize to save money, as it’s cheaper to run a smaller house. The smaller the house is the lesser the bills. For others, it is easier to maintain a smaller house. Smaller houses take less time to clean and there is less space for clutter to accumulate. For some families, their children have moved on and they don’t need the extra bedroom/s as their families have become smaller. The term empty nester comes to mind! However, it can be quite stressful moving into a smaller house as you won’t have the equivalent space to keep and store your belongings. Continue Reading

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