unpacking after a move

Unpacking After A Move

You are in your new home, feeling happy that you can start afresh, but it’s not done as the unpacking after a move is still to be tackled. Your move went smoothly, you crossed things off the how to move house without stress checklist one by one when you were packing.

Now you are surrounded by mountains of boxes, what about the unpacking? What should you unpack first? We have compiled a list to help you unpack quickly after moving house.

  • Clean every room. Come to your new home prepared with a box of cleaning detergents beforehand.
  • Have your box of essentials. This box will include anything that you can’t get by without, such as a toothbrush, a change of clothes, and toilet roll!
  • Unpack your bathroom box first. This is the easiest box to unpack as usually the furniture is already fitted in the bathroom.
  • Unpack your clothes. It is always good to unpack the clothes that will go into your wardrobe first. As they are easy to put away.
  • Arrange the cabinets. Unpack your books and electronics that go within your cabinets.

The Kitchen

We all know that the kitchen needs to be organized to be totally functional.

  • Put all your appliances in their designated places.
  • Open the kitchen boxes. Decide where you will be putting everything. The things you will need to use daily should be within easy reach.
  • Arrange cupboards. Start with your cutlery and cups. As these are easy to unpack and arrange.
  • The cooker. Arrange your pots and the cutlery you use for cooking near your cooker.

Put all detergents in one place. For ease put all your detergents in one place. Remember to keep them away from young children and pets.

Unpacking is Overwhelming

We hope that our unpacking list makes your unpacking easier. We all know unpacking is an overwhelming experience, most people spend a lot of time organizing how to pack and forget about the unpacking they have to do when they move. Unpacking does not have to be overwhelming.

Unpacking is Overwhelming

Here are some tips so you don’t feel overwhelmed when unpacking.

  • Stick to your plan when packing so you know where things are when it comes to unpacking.
  • Follow our unpacking list above, in our personal experience, it really helps with unpacking.
  • Be realistic, if you can’t unpack the whole kitchen in one day because of other commitments, don’t stress.

Instead unpack one box, if you are rushing you won’t unpack properly which means that you will waste more time, in the long run, trying to find things!

Professional Unpacking Services

If you do not have the time to unpack. Or maybe you are unwell or pregnant and you know you may find it difficult to unpack, take advantage of our professional unpacking service. We will unpack all your belongings for you, to take the stress out of unpacking for you.

Remember we also offer packing services. We can provide packing materials if you want to pack your own belongings. Or we can pack your belongings for you.  Just contact us to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to help.

Unpacking After A Move


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