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Since 2001, we had compiled a comprehensive moving related links to sites relevant during the moving process. However, we have just improved them to make the overall relocating process a hassle-free experience. Do feel free to share this page with friends and relatives who are also moving.

Parking Permit for Removal Truck

Parking Permit Suspension

Links to parking permits of all London councils. This includes information regarding costs, when to apply and how to apply.

UK Charity Shops

If you decide that you may want to throw away some items instead of moving them to your new home, it's worth considering to give unwanted or extra items to Charity Shops who would be very grateful for any donations.

Recycling Centers


Another alternative would be to dispose any unwanted useless items to your Council Recycling Centre for free. We have provided a list of direct links to the Council Recycling Centres available in London for convenient.

London Councils

If you need any information regarding: Parking, Jobs and careers, Council Tax, Planning applications, Libraries, Social care, Recycling and rubbish, Births, deaths, marriages and citizenship, etc. Here we have direct Links to all London Councils for easy reach.

Handy Websites

Additional useful websites that may be of benefit while moving home.

Who To Notify

These are the vital places and institutions you should inform when moving home to update them of your newly moved address.

London Universities

Explore here for more direct information to most prominent Universities in London.

Moving Helper for House Removals Service

To defeat the relocation stress, a forward planning and careful organisation can reduce the stress level of moving house. Here our moving company london have just done that for you and along with Skilled London Furniture Movers and Helpers in dismantling and reassembling, house removals London couldn't be more simpler.

Moving Help London

Moving home is a demanding and stressful period. However, with our hard-earned experience and a host of work put together on moving guide for you, packed with advice, information and tips, moving help has never been more easily reachable.

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