Furniture hoist service mounted on a truck for external move to lift item via balcony or window

When access to premises through stairs or doorways is limited, our property moving specialist firm can provide a hoist hire service, for your furniture to go via the windows or balcony using advanced crane service for office moves or household content removals.

The task may be achieved with ropes and a ladder and perhaps removing a sash window of a house or lower level floors, where entry for that awkward sofa, large painting or odd furniture to go through is impossible. However, for higher level floors with heavy, odd and bulky furniture, it may require a furniture hoist or a crane service.

Crane Hire Service for Properties with Limited Access

The Elephant Removals company offers a variety of furniturelifting and hoisting options. We are pleased to recommend the most suitable way of getting the work completed quickly in a safe and sound manner, it includes a range of cost effective furniture removal Lift services in the UK. For a secure house removal service in London or beyond, check out our moving discount deals online to save on your next move.

Crane Hire Service

Crane Hoist Rental

A fully trained operator will set up the hoist directly outside your property and our staff will then be able to comfortably and speedily move your items up to or down from the building. Our property moving company will provide the perfect solution to all your relocation needs.

Elevator cannot be operated in high winds or in areas that are deemed unsafe by supervisor. Parking must be prearranged via the council to avoid disappointment.

The versatile platforms allow odd and awkward, large or heavy loads to be transported easily to or from upper floors without damaging either the goods or the interior of the property.

For a complete peace of mind, get a free no obligation quick moving quote and leave the rest to us, our work is not finished until you are happy :)

Furniture Using Hoist

Furniture via Window or Balcony

Supplied with trained operator

Reduced labour costs

Eliminates damage to property or possessions

Installed in 20 minutes

Capacity 1st-12th floor

Fast lifting speed of 50m/min

Up to 300 kg weight capacity

Max Height 29 Metres

Furniture Hoist Hire Crane Service Reviews

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Furniture Hoist Service

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