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Evade injuries whilst Moving Properties

Moving Home or office can be a headache so if you find yourself rushing to get those last few removal boxes packed and on the van or truck. Instead, what you should be considering is your health and safety at all times because a moment of irritation mixed with the rush of getting everything done and out of the way can be the root of a bigger problem such as an injury to yourself or the people around you.

An injury can occur at any time, particularly when you're thinking and doing so many different things. However, this can all be avoided with a little pre-preparation by hiring an experienced removals company or movers and packers as some say. Nevertheless injuries can differ from a small cut or stubbed toe to a back injury. So therefore when removing or lifting heavy items, e.g. moving boxes, suitcases and furniture make sure to do so carefully to reduce any risks alternatively lifting items in the proper manner is accentuated and here are a small number of ways to do so safe and sound:

  • First get a good grip.
  • Bend your knees, not your waist.
  • Keep the item you're lifting close to your body.
  • Don't twist your body.
  • Place your legs apart.
  • Stay away from lifting things over your head.
  • Lift with your legs for power, not your back.
  • Do not jerk when lifting.
  • Lift smoothly and slowly.
  • Maintain a secure footing.
  • Push rather than pull when moving items with wheels.
  • Use a trolley to carry heavy or uneven objects.

Most importantly, make sure you have a first aid kit with you or near you at all times for health and safety reasons. A charged and fully working mobile phone to make emergency calls for Ambulance. First aid kits, mostly come in small boxes that are easy to carry around and can even be put a glove compartment of a Vehicle. A well equipped first aid kit should contain the following items:

  • First Aid Pamphlet
  • Antiseptic
  • Hand Towels
  • Gloves
  • Scissors
  • Sterile eye wash solution
  • Alcohol swab
  • Band-Aids
  • Adhesive tape
  • Non-adhesive dressing
  • Crepe bandage
  • Wound dressing
  • Safety Pins

Mike of ElephantRemovals.co.uk of the eponymous removal firm also says: “Avoid injuries or damages to you, your goods, property and vehicle (often suspensions are damaged) when moving home. Choose a moving company that cares, and is equipped with their own robust double wall specially made moving boxes and other packaging materials. A company that provides full expert packing and unpacking service, removes things from windows or balcony using a crane or hoist hire, dismantles furniture, then reassembles, disconnects washing machine etc. as experience does matter”.

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Health Benefits when Moving Home - Written on 19.04.2013

It is common sense and proven that physical activities amongst adults enhances health and prolongs respectable life. However, when moving, if the lifting is not done in the correct manner, this could damage the back.

Do Not Consider DIY Moving Alone

In DIY alone, it is hard work, time consuming and may be less cost-effective in the long run, particularly if there are a lot of breakage, many people damage their vehicle suspensions, their backs, items and property also due to no vital experience.
DIY & Assistance of Professional Moving Company.

Hiring a moving company and helping with the items that you can handle correctly will also add to health and fitness benefits and may save cost too.

Hiring Relocation Specialists

Think of those people who may be working and concentrating on their children’s education too have to move home. It is best to let those to concentrate what they are good at and the Moving company to concentrate on what they are best at.

John ElephantRemovals.co.uk of the eponymous removal firm also says: “Summer is conventionally the busiest time of the year for the moving companies. People tend to move ahead of the new school year, for occupation, or scale down or up to homes bought during the housing market’s traditionally busier Easter period.

John of ElephantRemovals.co.uk also suggests that hiring a moving company can make the entire moving experience seamless, given the opportunity to carry out this task in it's entirety*. If clients read the hints and tips pages and other guidelines, relocating can become much easier and enjoyable event.

Services offered by Removal Firm

Finally, it is worth choosing a firm which adheres to a code of conduct. Service levels vary widely, from virtual D.I.Y. removals to “no need to lift a finger” bespoke deals.


De-clutter Before Moving Home - Written 01.06.2013

Once you've got an idea of when you're moving home, you're faced with the daunting task of packing everything. This is when you realise how much clutter you've accumulated over the years. All sorts of surprises will spring from cupboards that are hardly ever opened, bringing thoughts like, "Why did I keep this?" and "I did not think I kept this!"

All boxes should be closed, sealed and labelled with the room they're going to. Springing cleaning can make this task much lighter, get rid of unnecessary stuff by giving away, throw it away if required, sell it perhaps in a car boot sale, online or recycle it, but don't pack it if you don't want it.
The two biggest phrases in the removals industry, "Moving home is very stressful…", (so obvious, you may as well say "rain is wet") and "I still have not unpacked everything from last time I moved." If you've left something boxed, in the back of the garage or under the stairs, for two years, the chances are you don't need it.
The most important effect of de-cluttering reflects on the cost of the move, and overall capacity of your move. Giving a better hope of smoothly stress free move. Hence it is not wise to pay a moving company to move things that you do not require.



Cheap Moving Companies Hire Temporary Workforce

Cheap removal companies hire individuals off the street to help move your goods. Temporary porters are highly likely to steal things simply because they are occasional staff, once the job is finished, these labourers move onto the next job.

Permanent staff at a reputable relocation firm look after your belongings for following reason: They can’t afford to lose employment, their pay docked if items are broken or go missing, will come under fire and disciplinary action, such action may result in conviction.

Reputable Relocation Companies Maintain Road-worthy Removal Vehicles

Low-cost companies are under pressure to conduct a certain number of jobs on a daily basis whilst lacking in road-worthy fleets. When there is a delay earlier on, you are bound to be delayed when they don’t arrive on time.

Smaller and cheaper removal companies are less likely to own well-maintained and insured fleets. Their cash flow is so low that they don’t always repair or service their vehicles as they should. Lacking in this area puts everything at risk in case vehicle breaks down whilst transporting your precious household or office goods. In case of mishaps, not only could items be damaged, but a risk of theft looms too. Whilst the team awaits for the truck to be repaired or replaced, you will incur the inconvenience of waiting for your goods to arrive so that you can unpack.


Defeating the stress of Moving

We are aware that moving homes and offices can be extremely stressful moments. Here at Elephant removals where we have accumulated over a decade’s worth of moves, we have learnt that it is vital in ensuring that everything runs as smooth and promptly as possible to help avoid any added stress from our side.

To avoid high levels of stress on the removal day, we recommend all our clients to plan and organise the day in advance. Regardless of what the move entails any type of planning will help the way the days goes, for example; which items are collected first, where the delivered items go etc.

Here are a few tips of how to plan your move efficiently:

  • Try and start preparing as soon as your removal date has been confirmed.
  • Start de-cluttering and sort out what you will want to keep.
  • Gather your packing materials and start packing. I.e. boxes, old newspapers, masking tape etc.
  • Let us know if you require assistance in packing or packing materials
  • Ensure that you are aware of when you are able to collect the key of the new property
  • Alert us immediately if there are any changes or complications with anything to do with the removal.
  • Although we are more than happy to help you with packing and moving, you are more than welcome to have friends and family helping too.
  • Make sure all items which are not used on a daily basis is packed and ready to go at least a week before removal. This will take off a load of stress that could arise on the moving day.
  • It may make it easier to keep all packed items in one room. This will help you detect items that you may have accidently forgot to pack.
  • Make sure the loft, shed and basements are completely cleared.


Make sure all items are packed, clearly labelled and ready to go. Remember, keeping everything in one room will help in identifying missed items and also makes a collection a whole load easier and quicker. This will help our porters keep on scheduled time and move you into your new property as quickly as possible.

Items that you may want to leave unpacked;

  • Spare clothes, toiletries etc. (essentials)
  • Something to eat on the day of moving
  • Personal documents

Lastly, make sure your phone is on loud and charged so that our porters are able to keep in contact throughout the day. Following these steps aim to help make your moving day as easy as possible.

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