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elephantremovals.co.uk is a leading removal company, moving companies and household moves alike. Choose from range of packing services. Our movers and packers are expert in the art of removals and logistics, a perfect help to move home or business.

Full Pack or Personalised Packing Services with quality Packaging Materials by expert Packers

Elephant Removals offer a packing service using the latest purpose made materials and traditional skills to ensure the safest possible journey for your belongings. Packing is a specialist skill, hence our expert advice would be to always recommend that you leave it to our professional movers and packers.

Our removers wrap every piece of furniture individually. Upholstery is protected with individual covers and we pack your clothes into portable cardboard wardrobes and CDs into special moving cartons. Particularly vulnerable items can be packed into their own specially made timber cases. All parcels and packages are also clearly marked with the room that they came from or which room they are going to, this ensures that you do not arrive at your new home to a kitchen full of tools and a garage full of linen.
Elephant Removals provide a variety of packing services as listed below to cater for your individual needs and budgets. Please see below for further details.


Imagine simply stepping into your new house where all your items have been arranged and kept tidy by us to welcome you. Carpets cleaned, the TV connected to watch your favourite program, the kitchen arranged to prepare a hot meal for your family and the bedroom ready for a good night sleep. This service ensures that Elephant Removals as a reliable relocation company can undertake everything, leaving you to simply watch. This includes the following.


One of our trained pre-move surveyors will visit you at home. A detailed step by step removal plan will be agreed with yourself, making sure we both know what is expected from us. Every single item is listed in the plan, even things out of sight in loft spaces and cupboards.

In accordance to the removal plan a full packing service will be provided by the team of Elephant Removals Company at the loading address ensuring the minimal of disruption to yourself.


Important paperwork, jewellery, personal files etc., will be kept in a safe place and handed to you when you leave the property.


Once our removal specialist team has delivered your possessions, you don't need to unpack a single box. Just relax - whilst we transform your carton chaos into organised calm!


Our moving team makes sure that your first night essentials are unpacked straight away. The next day, we will arrive early to unpack all your removal cardboard boxes and organise each room to your specification.


All cupboards and shelves are cleaned before anything is put away. Furniture, books and ornaments can also be placed as directed by you or leave it to our experts acute attention to detail.


Once everything is unpacked, our removal team will clean and vacuum the house, leave a complimentary "welcome box" plus a bunch of fresh flowers, and walk you round to make sure you are completely satisfied with our moving company.


This involves our professional movers packers experts coming to your house normally a day before the move to carry out the full packing. This involves all the glass, China, Cutlery, books, linen, toys, lamps and all small items from drawers, cupboards, under stairs, under beds, sheds etc. to be packed into packing boxes. Also large paintings, mirrors and other fragile items will be protected individually. At your new home the packed moving cartons will be emptied and contents left for you to place them upon the shelves at your leisure.

All removal cartons and packaging materials will be taken away, leaving your home free from any waste.


This service ensures that we pack everything, leaving you to simply watch. This involves professional packer(s) coming to your house normally a day before the move. All the glass, China, ornaments, Cutlery, books, linen, lamps, toys and any small items will be packed into packing boxes. Also large paintings and mirrors will be protected individually. The packers will go through the household checking with you all items to be packed, ensuring that no important paperwork or valuables is packed without your consent.

All cartons will be labelled with details of contents, the room from which it came from and proposed location in the new home.


This involves our professional packer(s) coming to your house normally a day before the move. All the China , glassware, ornaments and fragile items are professionally packed, using our range of modern cartons and packing materials, leaving for you to pack the Cutlery, books, linen and other non-fragile items.


If you prefer to pack your belongings yourself on a DIY basis, we offer a wide range of high quality packaging materials for you to use. We provide hire of packing boxes and wardrobe cartons (subject to availability). However, for deliveries within Greater London or beyond, a deposit is also required which is fully refundable after the return of cartons or moving boxes. For deliveries outside London, we require payment on the day of delivery. Click Here for packing tips.


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