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We sell high quality Packing Materials for the professional DIY packing and these can be supplied well in advance of your moving day.

Delivery of Personalised Packaging Solutions for Moving or Storage

Our protective polythene furniture wrapping covers is specially designed for moving and storage. Heavy-duty approved disposable Vinyl gloves for cleaning and solid time saver Tape-Gun for none stop (doesn't keeps on getting stuck but rather cuts the tape off in one go) packing and much more. Compare the prices vs your precious items, purchase the premium quality Packaging Materials at discounted prices for all your safe removals and storing needs.

All our latest removal boxes and moving supplies are brand new, assured fresh, clean and bug free.

Single Wall Box

Single Wall Box


Double Wall Box

Double Wall Box

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Packaging Materials Description

Size Price Image

Wardrobe Box

A high quality double walled extra strong packaging box designed especially for clothing, has a closing door and a top which can be sealed for extra protection. Elephant Removals Cardboard Wardrobes come complete with a strong plastic rail to hold even heavy garments such as suits or coats. It is invaluable for saving time on your packing - just lift clothes out of your wardrobes and put it straight into it. You can also store new shoes and handbags at the bottom of each Wardrobe, when you've finished with them why not use them for storing winter coats or clothes you don't need right now? Holds up to 32 thin hangers with clothes. Half size of standard single wardrobe, but less in height.





£9.99 Each Moving Wardrobe Box

Removal Book Box - Small

Double wall means reusable, recommended & suitable for heavier or fragile items, smaller appliances, books, records, CDs, videos, ornaments etc.

£2.29 Each Removal Book Box

Moving Cardboard Box - Medium

Medium / Standard Removals Box: Double wall, suitable for general packing and storage - Larger household appliances, electrical items, crockery, toys, linen, clothes, shoes, etc. All our boxes come with printed label, check boxes, e.g. Dining Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room etc. with an area to write a brief description of contents.

£3.29 Each Moving Cardboard Box

Removal Carton - Large

This good double wall reusable extra strong multi purpose cardboard box is essential for moving home, office or storing. Removal boxes is ideal for packing up larger lighter items, kitchen equipment, toys, linen, duvets, clothes, etc. So it makes sense to include a good number of these cardboard boxes. As with all our packing products, this removal box will come to you flat packed and can be easily assembled with a packing tape. An ideal size and shape for house removals and storage.

£4.29 Each Moving Box Large

Archive Document Storage Box

Suitable for files, document, folders, etc. and keeps contents free from dirt and dust. The attached lid folds snugly over the rim of the box and can be taped shut if required. Pre cut, hand slots allow for easy carrying.

£2.00 Each Archive Document Storage Box

Pet Carrier

Keep pets safe, stress free and out of the way during the move with this handy, easy assemble pet carrier, suitable for all small pets, e.g., rabbits, cats, small dogs etc.

£5.99 Each Pet Carrier Box

Marker Pen

Black or blue ink for marking every item packed, helps while unloading into property.

Standard £0.99 Each Marker Pen

Bed Mattress Covers

Made from thick, durable polythene. Because of their size and shape, mattresses often get dirty or damaged during moving. However, with protective covers you can keep them looking as good as they were. Protects against dust, dirt and water. Ideal when moving, storing or decorating.



Sofa Covers

Polythene Sofa covers to protect and keep it as clean as it was whilst moving. Will protect your sofas against moisture and dirt during transit, storage, and while decorating, can be reused.


Sofa Cover

Sealing Tape Brown

This is Not ordinary cheap sealing tape, it is a top quality waterproof, low noise, strong adhesive polypropylene tape that offers the benefit of quiet unwind from the roll. Ideal for sealing carton packages, boxes, bubble wrap, etc. can seal packages up to 18 kg in weight.

£1.50 Each Brown Sealing Tape

Fragile Sealing Tape

Clearly mark fragile items by using High Quality Guarantee fragile sealing tape, extra care is taken if visible.

£2.00 Each Fragile Sealing Tape

Packing Tape Gun Dispensers - Premium Quality

No Nonsense Hand-Held Tape Dispenser, if you are packing on a DIY basis, this heavy duty premium tape gun makes it effortless time saving experience, invaluable compared to the task this can accomplish. To accommodate different widths of self-adhesive tapes. For good reason, you will never need to search for the end of the tape again.

£5.99 Each Packing Tape Gun Dispensers

Packing Paper

Acid free tissue packing paper, premium quality, ideal for wrapping crockery, ornaments, bottles, suitable for protecting the more delicate items. Make paper balls and separate items, make bumpers, fill the empty spaces in the boxes to minimize against damage. Compare the cost of these papers against your precious items, remember, the more you use, the better protected.


5KG Pack

packing packer

Furniture Wrap Large Cling Film

Stretch film or plastic wrap is ideal for securing irregular shaped loads. A quick, quiet and clear way of wrapping, stabilising and securing palletised goods or Furniture. Protects from dust and weather when in storage or transit. Cast film will adhere to itself - and retains it's tension whilst in transit. Gives better grip after applying on slippery items making it

H=15.7- 400mm
£8.99 Each Stretch Cling Film Pallet Wrap

Bubble Wrap Extra Large

Made from tough micron polythene. Being flexible helps bubble conform to the shape of your product; the medium size bubble is particularly good at protecting furniture, larger items and filling voids. Can be cut and resized for smaller items accordingly.



Per 1½ Meter
£0.75 Bubble Wrap

Foam Beads or Chips

A high impact polystyrene based void filling solution. Use the foam beads to secure valuables, antiques and figurines within moving boxes, especially good for export packing and shipping.
1 Cubic
£8.99 Per Sack White Poly Chips Bean Bag Foam Beads Balls

Foam Sheets

Strong non-abrasive closed cell polythene foam is ideal for protecting delicate items and preventing scratching of polished surfaces. Best for separating dishes and other fragile items when shipping or storing. The packaging store foam is CFC free and as such is environmentally friendly.
Wide Roll
300 Meter
£35.00 Each
Foam Roll

U Shape Foam Corner Protectors

Great to protect edges against damage, cost effective solution to protect your photo frames, picture frames, furniture items being transported or whilst in storage. Can be cut to size.

mm width
£1.50 Each U shape corner protector

Packing Knife

Take the effort out of cutting tape, bubble wrap, cardboard, etc. Even more useful when unpacking! The blades will snap off when blunt & fold away when not in use.

Standard £0.99 Each Packing Knife

Vinyl Gloves

Comfortable talcum lined gloves. These fit like a glove - if you would excuse the pun. Quality surgical gloves that will keep you clean. 20 in a pack, comes with small amount of Anti-Bacterial and better grip making powder, as safety is priority.

Standard £2.99 Vinyl Gloves

Carpet Protector

Latest ‘Stair stick’ self-adhesive carpet film, transparent vinyl roll, can be used as a temporary carpet protector, easy to install, ideal for busy walkways. Will remain in place for long periods whilst leaving no residue or damage on removal.

L=100 Meter
£39.99 Each Roll carpet protector roll


Our Storage Cardboard Cartons and Packing Materials Supplies

Do not risk by packing your valuable belongings in unsatisfactory used moving boxes and packaging materials. Using low-grade moving supplies can damage your valuables. Trust in Elephant Removals to supply you with long lasting finest quality cardboard moving boxes and removal supplies which we can supply for many good reasons.


Get Your House Moving Boxes and Packing Materials Delivered

Our specially made moving cartons and moving supplies are prepared for effectiveness and built for ease. Unlike other moving supply and box companies, we do not issue one standard moving box size. Our pre-configured moving packs for your house move or apartment relocation, discounted packaging materials for student moves who are searching for cheaper prices. A full Home or office moves require a variety of large and small boxes, plus bubble wrap packs, markers, sealing tape, labels and more. Whether you are moving a dishwasher or a dish, plates or palletised goods, Elephant Removals has the moving supplies you need which are reasonably priced.

Let us Pack your property for safe storing or transport

Elephant Removals can help pack your entire office or household goods if you don’t have the time or inclination. We advise clients on what is best suited for their individual needs and even provide a full packing and unpacking service to make the process of moving easier and stress-free. Our products are of the highest standards and we assure our clients that we will handle their belongings with the utmost care. Our professional team of movers and packers will wrap your items individually and with care, protecting valuable china, glassware or delicate treasures with specially designed boxes and packaging materials. Let Elephant Removals Company take over the tiresome manual labour of moving, allowing you the time and luxury to enjoy the excitement of a new home or commercial venture.

Packaging Materials Supplied for DIY Packing

Alternatively, if you are the type of DIY enthusiast who prefers to meet the challenges of your packing or removal personally without involving any removal companies, we are able to offer specialised packaging materials at competitive prices. Do not forget to read our packing tips guide.


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