We also conduct Moves to International destinations.


If you are looking for an overseas moving company that will go above and beyond to make sure that your move overseas is conducted smoothly, providing you and your family peace of mind throughout the entire overseas moving process, Elephant Removals is at your service.

With a reputation that speaks for itself, we offer our years of professional overseas moving experience and services to you and your family. Regardless of what country you are moving to or from, we can certainly assist you in your overseas move with better experience, tailoring a combination of our services to suit your needs.

As a fully insured international moving company, our moving home company offers a variety of shipping services and options allowing you to choose between sea Freight or air Freight. Our rates are calculated by the total number of cubic feet or kilograms. If you are relocating a large shipment, we suggest you ship by sea as it is more cost-effective.

However, if you are sending a small shipment that falls below the minimum ocean shipment volume, it may be worth shipping by air. We would prefer you to do what is most suitable to you, your family and your budget, and we will work hard to help you make those decisions.

We pride ourselves in offering services specifically tailored to the needs of an individual or family undergoing an international move, such as premier pet relocation and corporate relocation.

We strive to relieve you of the stress of your international move. We will be there for every step of the process, from planning your international move to unpacking the last article of furniture in your new home overseas. Providing fabulous, sincere customer service and knowledgeable assistance.

Removals By Air. By Land, By Sea